Tips for Parents

Did you know your teen is more likely to crash in their first 6-12 months of driving alone than any other time in their life?

Below are some tips from NZTA for you to help them become a safer and more experienced driver.

  1. Regularly check up on how their driving is going. Keep an eye on their speed, acceleration and road position.
  2. Help them practise anticipating and responding to hazards. Focus on hazards that may be hidden, for example, when large vehicles obscure other vehicles or pedestrians that may appear without warning.
  3. Show them how to read changeable road conditions (rain, poor light, different road surfaces).
  4. Give them supervised driving practise at night and while carrying passengers.
  5. Help them know what to do when unexpected events occur on the road.
  6. Talk to them about the risks of driving when tired, sick, distracted or emotional.
  7. Help them develop strategies to avoid pressure to drive and manage distractions like loud music, gadgets and food.
  8. Help them plan their route if they're driving to a place for the first time, and encourage them to take breaks.
  9. Consider setting some ground rules around driving that you all agree to stick to – this could include picking them up if they don't feel safe to drive for any reason.

Make sure they know about basic car safety. It will be useful if anything goes wrong, but it will also help them build good safe habits around proactively looking after the car they drive.

If you want to feel more confident behind the wheel, book in for a free driving course today.