Simulator Training

Proactive Drive provides simulator training for workplaces and groups around Canterbury (onsite), Individuals can utilise the simulator at our offices. Our training simulator allows us to simulate a range of different scenarios to help develop driver skills and safety on the road.

Our sessions are not about learning or assessing the road rules or how to drive, but rather they are about providing you with practical instruction and experience to teach you the skills to make good decisions to stay safe on our roads. Scenarios such as adverse weather conditions, adverse road conditions and a range of hazards and risks can be simulated in the safety of the simulator.

You will be assessed and instructed, outlining any areas of potential development needed. If desired, Proactive Drive can also provide further 'in car' training to develop these areas.

  • Onsite Cost at Your Location

    Half day $450, full day $800.

  • Individual Cost at Proactive Drive Offices

    $50 per hour. Book at

  • Length

    Half day or full day at your location. Per hour for individual lessons.

  • Criteria

    One person at a time