FREE Group Lesson

The Session

Got your learners or restricted and a few hours under your belt?

Get together with two mates who are driving at a similar level and undertake a free skill development lesson.

Whilst behind the wheel you’ll learn about:

Hazard Management

  1. Identify Risks with 12 second scanning (hazard ID).
  2. Practice 12 second scanning with a hazard ID commentary to highlight the benefits of early risk identification and the benefits of a planned driver vs a reactive driver (e.g. tailgating and reacting to brake lights).
  3. Develop the notion that the earlier a driver sees the hazard the more time they have to plan a safe response.
  4. Benefit of using a safe following distance subject to the driving conditions (2 - 4 second rule).

Personal management of approach speed to intersections

  1. Allowing the driver, the time to analyse the hazards based on what can be seen, what can’t be seen and what is a reasonable expectation of what could happen?
  2. Open vs Closed views in determining approach speed.
  3. Demonstrate safe approach and emerge at intersections, highlighting approach speed and scanning techniques.
  4. Ready to stop but planning to go.
  5. Having enough time to scan adequately and make good gap selection choices.
  6. Positioning for safety, view, and progress based on hazards such as parked vehicles, curve of the intersection, road traction, roadside furniture, local knowledge.
  • Cost


  • Length

    2 hours

  • Criteria

    3 people in group.
    Pick up one location.
    All must have a current licence.