Defensive Driving

Street Talk Defensive Driving Course

New Zealand Transport Agency approved course

This course is made up of four, two-hour sessions within a group situation, plus a one-hour in car practical session that will help you develop your driving skills and prepare you for the restricted and full licence test.

Helps to develop:

  • better control when driving;
  • advanced driving skills;
  • the ability to make the right decisions;
  • and the ability to manage risk.

This course is perfect if you're working towards passing you restricted or full licence test, and it will reduce your overall licence period by 6 months.

You will be provided with a logbook which includes the course content and a couple of homework assignments that must be completed.

  • Cost


  • Length

    4 x 2 hour classroom lessons + a 1 hour practical driving session

  • Criteria

    You need to have held YOUR LEARNERS licence for a minimum of 3 MONTHS OR hold your Restricted drivers licence