Corporate Training

Do you have staff on the road regularly? Are you doing all you can to ensure they are safe, good drivers?

If you’ve got employees on the road, it’s your responsibility to make sure their driving is up to scratch.

We’ve got practical courses specifically designed for corporate purposes, and we can tailor an option to suit your needs.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you and at the same time, you can help us with our mission to teach teenagers better driving skills, as all profits are used to fund driving lessons for youth in your community.

Enquire now to find out about how we can help make your team safer on the roads.

In Car Training

Proactive Drive provides workplaces with one on one in-car driving instruction. Whether your staff are new to your workplace or taking up a new role with significant amounts of driving, or, they would just like more confidence when driving a work car, we can help. We tailor our in-car sessions based on the needs of the participant and can discuss the number of sessions required following an initial driving assessment. We can provide these lessons in either our vehicle, or, if preferred your work vehicle.

Our instructors are all I Endorsement accredited instructors.

In Class Training

Does your workplace and your staff undertake driving under more stressful conditions such as night driving, long distance driving or driving passengers? All of these add additional and increased 'risk' to your staff on the road and there are a number of skills and learnings that can help reduce this risk.

We can develop tailored work place sessions specific to your requirements. Some examples may be 'Dealing with Fatigue', 'Night Driving,' adverse weather or improving general driving skills.

Simulator Training

Proactive Drive now provides on-site simulator training for workplaces around Canterbury. Our training simulator allows us to simulate a range of different scenarios to help develop driver skill and safety on the road.

Our sessions are not about learning or assessing the road rules or how to drive, but rather they are about providing staff with practical instruction and experience to teach them the skills to stay safe on the road. Scenarios such as adverse weather conditions, adverse road conditions and a range of hazards and risks can be simulated in the safety of the simulator at your office.

Staff are assessed and instructed, outlining any areas of potential development needed. If desired, Proactive Drive can provide further 'in car' training for staff to develop these areas.

The Proactive Drive Workplace Simulator Training is low cost, reduces staff down time as staff can return to work immediately after their session, is delivered on site so reducing travel and the session is tailored to the skills and requirements of the workplace and the individual staff member.

Half day and full day bookings available based on the number of staff.


Please note, we can offer each of these areas as individual programmes or a full package. For more information about how any of the Proactive Drive Corporate training opportunities, or to book, please contact us on