"Although I am a pretty confident person, I was feeling a little nervous about my first drive, but Tim and I just hit it off.  He was lovely,  explained things really well and spoke nice and quietly.  Its been a great change both personally and for work along with taking a big weight off my shoulders and not having to worry about getting my full licence any longer.  I have also accomplished something I have been wanting for quite a while."

Helen – Christchurch 2020

"Morning Tim, I just had to quickly comment on the kids reactions to their day at Telford with you.

They were very happy to talk about how good the day had been and I have also had feedback from a teacher/parent who said his son hadn't stopped talking about it at home that night.

Well done and thanks."

Linda Howell, Lawrence Area School

"Before the lesson I rated my driving skills as 7/10. I am confident on the road as I have been driving on my restricted license since March 2016. Living in Ohoka, I am confident driving at high speeds (100km roads) and I have had experience at night and in most weather conditions. I only rate a 7 though because I still need to gain more experience and improve on my 12-second scanning skills.

The course was highly beneficial for me as I was introduced to the 12-second scanning rule, which I had never used before. It is an extremely important skill that I now use everyday when driving, making me more prepared for what is to happen ahead on the road. Getting to use the ABS braking system was also important and beneficial for me because I now feel prepared in case of emergency. Was also good to drive in the heavy rain, as it made me more aware on the road and increased my scanning skills.

I learnt a lot about the use of braking in the car on the road and in case of an emergency.

I would recommend this course to others as I think it is very important for young people on their restricted to learn the same skills I did. Especially because the course does not have a focus on specifically teaching you to pass your license, the skills you learn are very beneficial. The course was relaxed and had a fun feel so you weren't stressed out in the drivers seat. I am recommending this course to the year 12 and 13 students at my boarding house, with girls living far away and getting their licenses straight away in order to drive home I feel this course will be very helpful for them.

This program has changed the way I drive and think about the road in all conditions and busy times.

I have completed defensive driving although I did not find the course as beneficial as I thought it would be eg. ticking boxes in a booklet... and I strongly recommend Proactive Drive as you get out in the car and learn really practical skills.

I would continue more modules with Proactive Drive, maybe a theory session or learning to drive a manual!

Thank you again Tim for introducing me to your programme and giving me the opportunity to complete it and share it with my peers at school."

Sophie Mills, Christchurch - Course Completed 2016

The course was very beneficial. I learnt the 12 second rule (the actual way to measure 4 second rule), ABS breaks, more confidence and that driving is fun.

The programme will make me feel more aware, I will look further away when I'm driving to prepare myself, feel more confident if I had to break suddenly.

You guys were awesome, so relaxed and youthful! Young people need to be given confidence not ripped out for a mistake, parents and driving instructors are pro at that.

Great programme to cover some basics ! but you should definitely run more programmes such as night driving, rural driving, motorways.

Just extra types of driving to offer young people confidence , great idea on putting tips on the Facebook page to keep us remembering what we need to be doing, this is a really awesome programme and i felt so much more confident having a friend and not just me and a teacher , like we were all learning off each other, and sitting in the back scanning kept us all involved! I would recommend this course to others. Loved it.

Soffie, Christchurch - Course Completed 2016

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this course, which I took part in on Saturday 23rd June.

I found this experience very educational as I learnt how a car works. I now understand how breaks (sic) work and how important it is to keep the car the way the manufacturer meant it to be. Being able to actively learn different kinds of breaking (sic) was something I valued as I had never be taught how to do this and have now gained another driving skill. I hope that this opportunity remains available to many other drivers and that they take this opportunity to improve their driving skills.

Thanks again for the opportunity."


"My son Stephen and I attended your ProDrive course on Sunday 12 Aug 2012 and it was a breath of fresh air to both of us. The subject matter you teach is the real guts of what is going to keep all drivers alive, and the way in which it was delivered was appropriate and hit the mark.

My son took the messages on board and you reinforced the importance of understanding how the vehicle works and being up with the game observation and skill wise to give adequate reaction time to avoid accidents.

The other value of a course such as this and a credible teacher instructing young people is that teenagers many times need to hear facts from outsiders and not their parents. All in all this course is a very worthwhile investment of time and can do nothing but good for road safety.

Thank you also for involving the parents. I learnt a lot and believe it is the responsibility of older drivers to keep learning and improve their skill levels.

Keep up the good work!"


"I’m just emailing to comment on the Pro Active Drive course I attended last Sunday.

I thought the course was really valuable, as most of what was talked about, eg weight rations, vision sphere etc, is never taught for the test. I was a little embarrassed, as it seemed the others were, admitting that we had not been asked any of the questions at our tests that John expected we should have been. It was a little shocking seeing the statistics of correct answers in the surveys at both age groups- we don’t know these things because the people teaching us don’t know either. The practical component was also good, although it was a little scary to realise that what felt like top speeds we were being asked to brake at were only 20-40km/h, and we are so unprepared should we have to used those braking manoeuvres at speeds of 60-100km/h. As a result of this training, I am looking forward a lot more, instead of focussing on my immediate surroundings, so I will see hazards as soon as they come into my field of vision and have optimum time to react.

Thank you for this opportunity. I found it to be a worthwhile experience, which I would happily return to, to learn more advanced techniques for avoiding crashes."

Rhiana - Taieri College, Dunedin

I had a very good experience with Tim. He made me feel more confident and calm behind the wheel. He explained possible complications on the road and how to avoid them. He patiently answered to all my questions and sometimes answered by drawing on the piece of paper, which I've found really helpful. I am grateful for all his help and useful tips and trying to follow them while driving. I will definitely recommend Proactive Drive to my friends and family.

Polina, Canterbury - Course Completed 2017

It was a good lesson thanks. I practised parallel parking and Glenda gave me good feedback on my driving skills. We also had time to discuss what I will expect in the restricted driving test

Angus, Canterbury - Course Completed 2017

A fantastic opportunity for our daughter to further her skills. She came home raving about what she had learnt. Some of this stuff we had tried to teach her before, but she was much more receptive to a third party teacher.

Morag (parent), Canterbury 2017

It was great, it reinforced what you said at the RYDA day, and I have currently been having more lessons with Gail as she was the first instructor which actually made sense to me. Thank you for organizing such an educational day and for giving us the free lesson time to reinforce what we did at the RYDA day.

Alana, Canterbury - Course Completed 2017

I found that Gail was extremely helpful when it came to explaining the road rules covered in the program. She took the time to explain and discuss them fully with me. While I didn't learn anything new in terms of driving skills, I still left the session knowing that I learned something new.

Joshua, Canterbury - Course Completed 2017

My son really enjoyed his driving lesson he found the lady very helpful. I also chatted with her for a few minutes and also thought she was great.

Jasmin (parent), Canterbury 2017

The session I had with Gail Thompson was really good, she gave me tips on how to be a good driver and correct mistakes that I was making. Will definitely recommend this course to other people.

Courtney, Canterbury - Course Completed 2017