Meet the Trustees

Dennis and Debbie Chapman from Christchurch have been sponsors of the Proactive Drive cause since the programme's inception 22 years ago. Mr Chapman is an Electrical Engineer and they are involved in various Companies leading the way in this field. Mrs Chapman has also been Secretary and Admin support to Proactive Drive since the Charitable Trust was formed in 2008.

Scott O’Donnell and wife Joc are also long time supporters. As owners and Directors of the HWR Group of companies based out of Invercargill, their involvement in Road Transport means they have a passionate interest to ensure all road users are safe. With a large staff of Truck Drivers and other staff out on the roads every day they proudly support young people learning driving skills and confidence that enable them to “share the road” with all road users safely.

Peter Anderson and wife Lyn are based in Christchurch and are also from a Road Transport background, best known for their involvement with Hilton Haulage in Canterbury. Joining as a Trustee in 2010 having helped Ozzo with training courses for some years previously, Mr Anderson’s passion for teaching driving skills to young people also involved an earlier setup of a Driver Training Company.


Picture from left to right:
Peter Anderson, Scott O'Donnell, Debbie & Dennis Chapman.