Frequently Asked Questions


We get all kinds of questions about the courses we offer, and other subjects like the licence application process etc. Find your answers below, or contact us if you have something else you need to ask. We’re happy to help you become a better, safer driver today!

Common Questions

Should I get professional lessons?

This is your choice, but it has been shown to help students to drive safer and to pass their licence test with greater confidence.

How many lessons will I need?

This varies so much with each individual, so it’s hard to say. However, after your first lesson we will give you an idea of how many more lessons we believe you will need.

How much does a lesson cost?

Our standard one-on-one lesson for an hour is $75.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. We actually recommend this as it is a help for you as you progress with your licence.

Can I use my own car?

Absolutely you can use your car. Alternatively you can take the lesson in our vehicle.

Can you take me on the test course drive?

Getting a licence is about driving safely so if you are a safe driver you will pass and you won’t need to drive the test route beforehand.

Is manual or auto best to learn to drive in?

It will take you less lessons and less stress to learn in an automatic and then it is very easy to learn to drive a manual.

How do I shorten by Restricted license time frame?

If you complete a Defensive Driving course this can reduce your time on your restricted by 6 months. 

What locations do you cover?

We come to you and cover the Greater Christchurch area including Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Rolleston. Lincoln and Darfield.


Driving Lessons Questions

Can I pay for my driving lesson by Eftpos or Credit Card?

Ideally we prefer if you can pay online at the time of booking with your Debit card or Credit card. Alternatively, you can pay in cash at the beginning of your lesson. There is no Eftpos.

How quickly will the instructor contact me after I make a booking?

You will receive email and text message contact 24 hours prior to the lesson.

How quickly can I have a lesson? Can I have a lesson on the same day/the day after my booking?

Our instructors will try to accommodate a lesson within your time frames; however, this does depend on their schedules.

We advise booking at least a couple of weeks in advance.

What if I’ve already booked my test?

Our instructors will try to fit you in for a lesson before your test, but it depends on how close to the test date you have submitted a booking. We would recommend booking at least a couple of weeks in advance to ensure that you can have a lesson before your test.

Do you conduct lessons in the evenings and on weekends?

Our instructors will try to accommodate a lesson within your time frames; however, this does depend on their schedules.

Where will the instructor pick me up from?

We offer a ‘door to door’ service. This means that our instructors will pick you up from home, education facilities, or wherever you may wish to be collected from*. They will also drop you back to wherever you wish to return to*.

*This is within reason of distance and location; please contact us to discuss.

Please note that if you live outside of our covered areas, the instructor may require you meet them closer to where we operate.

Can I do a practice Licence test with an instructor?

Yes, you can sit a Simulated Driving Test with an instructor before you go to take the real test. This is a great way of making sure you are ready to pass.

Can I do refresher lessons with an instructor?

Yes. It’s a great idea to take a driving lesson to refresh and develop your skills no matter how long you have been driving.

Can I cancel a lesson booking? How do I cancel a lesson booking?

You must give your instructor at least 24 hours notice otherwise you will be required to pay for the lesson. If you wish to cancel a lesson please contact your instructor directly by phone/txt message or email or reschedule online.

Can I have an interpreter in the car during my lesson?

Yes, you can provide an interpreter in the car if English is not your first language.

Can the pickup location and drop off locations be different? E.g. pick up from school and drop off home.

Yes, we are happy to pick up and drop off at different locations (within reasonable distance and location).

Is it better to learn in an automatic or a manual car?

This depends on your personal preference and your driving requirements. Generally, an automatic car is easier to drive as you do not need to operate a clutch pedal to change gear. We recommend that you learn in an automatic then transfer to the manual this is a lot quicker.

If you pass your restricted licence test in an automatic car, you can only legally drive automatic cars until you have passed the full licence test. If you pass your restricted licence in a manual car you can drive both manual and automatic cars from then on.

Once you have passed your full licence test you can legally drive both an automatic and a manual car, regardless of the type of car that you passed your restricted licence with.


Driving Instructor Questions

Can I change to a different instructor?

Yes, provided there is another instructor available.

Can I request a specific instructor?

Yes. You can choose your instructor

Does the Instructor have insurance?

All of our vehicles are fully insured and dual controlled for your safety.

What qualifications do your Instructors have?

All of our instructors are fully qualified as required by law to teach driver training in New Zealand.

  • NZQA Unit Standard qualified
  • Pass police check, and fit and proper person check
  • ‘I’ Endorsed Licence


Driver Licensing Questions

Will my driving lesson be recorded on camera?

Yes, our Driving School cars have security cameras installed. This ensures that our learner drivers are in the safest hands possible. We’re committed to improving industry standards and delivering a quality service.

Is the instructor’s car dual controlled?

Yes, all of our cars are dual controlled vehicles.

What type of car does the instructor have?

Our Instructors have Toyota Yaris vehicles which are a great car to learn in.  It’s not to big and provides a bit of extra height for ease of view. The Toyota Yaris is a 5 Star ACAP rated vehicle and includes ASB brakes as well as a number of modern safety features including lane assist.

Can I use the instructor’s vehicle for my test?

Yes, we are happy for you to take your test in our vehicle.


Driving Lesson Vehicle Questions

What takes place during the In-vehicle session of the Defensive Driving Course (DDC)?

The In-vehicle session requires you to demonstrate the techniques discussed in the classroom and focuses on assessing you for the next licence test that you are preparing for (Restricted/Full).

Do I need my own vehicle for the In-Vehicle session of the Defensive Driving Course (DDC)?

If you are unable to use your own car for the In-vehicle session you can discuss this with your tutor during your DDC course and they will help you organise the use of a car.

Can I attend a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) on a Learner Licence?

Yes, you can attend a DDC on a learner licence.

If I complete a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) on a learner licence does it reduce 6 months off the time to get my restricted or full licence?

Completing a DDC while on your learner or restricted licence will enable you to reduce the time you are required to spend on your restricted licence by 6 months. 

Are there any tests in the Defensive Driving Course (DDC)?

No, provided you attend all four classroom sessions in sequence, and all the homework plus the in-vehicle session in a road legal vehicle, you will achieve your certificate.

Can I do a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) on a full licence?

Yes, a full licence holder will definitely benefit from the subjects covered in the DDC and use the In-vehicle session to assess your driving.

My licence has been taken away; can I still do a Defensive Driving Course (DDC)? What happens about the drive session?

No, you must hold a valid driver licence that you can show the tutor when you attend the In-vehicle session.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions?

If you do miss one or more of your DDC sessions, in most cases we can arrange to move you onto another course or session. Please contact us if this is the case.

Do I have to complete all my sessions for the Defensive Driving Course in the order suggested?

Yes, by law you are required to complete each of the sessions in order. After you have attended the fourth session you can complete the In-vehicle session.

Can I do the In-vehicle drive before I finish the classroom sessions?

No, you must complete all four classroom sessions before you can do your vehicle drive session.

Can I attend a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) on a foreign licence? 

Yes, so long as your Licence allows you to drive in New Zealand so that you are able to complete the In-car drive session.

To check if your Licence is valid in New Zealand please visit the NZ Transport Agency website.

Does my car need to be road legal?

Yes. Your car needs to be fully road legal (e.g. current WoF and registration etc.) or else you will not be taken out on your in-car drive and you will forfeit your session. You will then need to pay for another in-car session to be able to finish your DDC course.


Defensive Driving Course Questions

Do I need a medical certificate for my driver’s licence?

If you currently have, or have had, a medical condition in the last 5 years which impacts your ability to drive safely a medical certificate may be needed. For information on when a medical certificate is needed and how to get one please contact the NZ Transport Agency.

Visit the NZ Transport Agency website.

Do I need to carry my licence with me at all times?

Yes. You must produce your driver’s licence without delay for inspection whenever required to do so by an Enforcement Officer. The maximum penalty for not being able to produce your licence immediately is $1000.

Will my eyesight be tested when I apply for my driver’s licence?

Your eyesight will be tested when you renew your driver’s licence or apply for your learner’s, restricted or full licence. Alternatively, you may bring an Eyesight Certificate from an optometrist or a GP instead.

Who should I contact if I have a Driver Licence enquiry?

You can visit the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency website or call them toll free on 0800 822 422 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.


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