About the Trust

Proactive Drive Youth Driver Education Charitable Trust was established in 1994 by John “Ozzo” Osborne, from Christchurch. Within the car and motor racing industry, he was involved in almost every capacity. Among many things, he had a long career racing until a crash broke numerous bones in his body.

During his long recovery he had a lot of time to think while he was in hospital. He watched many young people being brought in from car crashes by ambulance and realised he had the experience and the passion to help kids learn how NOT to crash and mess up their lives.

He sold his business and leased out his property to set about teaching ‘in car skills’ to the youth of New Zealand. John delivered his programme to 1000-1500 young drivers each year, an amazing feat carried out mostly by himself with the help of his motor racing mates as mentors.

Unfortunately, John passed away Christmas 2015. He dedicated 22 years of his life to developing and running Proactive Drive, keeping teenage kids safe by giving them the skills they need to drive a car safely.

Now, we continue his legacy.

Our Point of Difference

It’s apparent to us that there are many entities, trusts, community groups and individuals working in the road safety space and doing great work. However, our main focus is in-car training with young and mature drivers.

We feel that as a small group we can be the glue to link some of these entities together, making a path from school through the early years of training and then hopefully into employment.

By having a full licence and being a safe driver, this creates opportunities for employment and also gives us a chance to be in front of a lot of young people, helping explain the opportunities in contracting and transport that they may not realise are available.

The trauma on our roads each year shows there is much work to do!

Trust Aims & Services

As a Trust, we are aiming to improve driving skills so youth can keep themselves and others safe while on the road. We offer courses for drivers to improve everyday skills and car control so they know how to avoid problems and what to do when unforeseen things happen while  driving.

These are not theory courses. They’re hands-on, practical lessons. Youth get behind the wheel of the car and feel what it’s like to drive their car safely – and what they can do to prevent a crash.