Other Programmes

Proactive Drive actively supports a number of other driving programmes in the community, such as the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) Program and the Community Driver Mentor Programme (CDMP).



Proactive Drive supports Road Safety Education (RSE) by providing their Youth Education program (RYDA) throughout the South Island. This program is targeted to year 12 students (16 year olds). We are on target to reach 2500 students this year through this program. This is a one day program that covers the following topics over six sessions and is designed to fit into a school day.


On a closed section of roadway, students experience the relationship between speed and stopping distance through practical observation. Students also learn about the importance of car safety features and maintenance. 

An interactive session where students form strategies to manage distractions and improve their hazard perception skills.

A reflective session designed to show students how their personality is an important aspect of the total road safety equation. Students self-assess against five personality areas and use this tool to analyse risky situations in cars. 

A discussion, routinely led by a Police Officer on key risk areas for young drivers and passengers. Features hard-hitting videos on decision-making and choices.

A powerful presentation by a speaker about the crash that changed their life. Features an exercise where students examine how a similar crash would affect their life and plans.

A true and emotional story about a young driver and passenger involved in a road crash. Students analyse the crash and its contributing factors, discuss the ripple effect and develop plans for decision making in risky situations. 




The Community Driver Mentor Programme (CDMP) has been developed to address the barrier for learner drivers of all ages seeking to get their restricted licences, such as access to suitable vehicles, mentors and practice to develop safer drivers. Proactive Drive is currently running the CDMP program in western Christchurch, in conjunction with The Salvation Army, NZTA and the New Zealand Police. 

Drivers are paired with a mentor who takes them for a supervised drive. The mentors are unpaid volunteers from the community who act as coaches for two hours per week. While they are not driving instructors themselves, they have received professional driver training from a driving instructor.

Each program runs for approximately 12 weeks but is made flexible to suit the needs of the student.

We are interested in talking with anyone who would like to become a mentor. Please get in touch with us.

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