Proactive Drive Home

A driving skill enhancement scheme operated by The Proactive Drive Youth Driver Education Trust. Proactive Drive is provided at no cost to secondary college students who already hold a drivers licence. Proactive Drive must not be confused or compared against schools or courses established to assist  persons obtaining a drivers licence.    

                                           Who Is Proactive Drive?

The Proactive Drive Youth Driver Education Trust was formed on 9 May 2008 under the Charitable Trusts Act on Inland Revenue have granted charitable/donee status. IRD No. 99-817-879 and GST No. 99-817-879.

The Trust has five trustees to oversee its activities:

1. Dennis Chapman of Christchurch

2. Deborah Chapman of Christchurch

3. Scott O’Donnell of Invercargill

4. Peter Anderson of Timaru

5. Bill Currie of Alexandra

Unfortunately due the death of our co-ordinator, John Osborne, this great programme is on hold.

A new co-ordinator has been appointed, Tim Hartnell.  We hope to have the programme up and running by the end of September 2016.